Monday 28 July 2014

Lewisham councils latest dodgy deal to sell of 20% of new council homes.

 This is a Letter in response to Friday 25 July 2014 front page story of Labour Lewisham seeking to sell of Council homes.

Huge thank you to the South London Press for your front page story on Labour Lewisham’s plans to sell of 20% of the New council homes it proposes to build, after direct actions, occupations and the huge number of local residents voting and supporting People Before Profits campaigns.
Lewisham council had hoped to keep this quiet and had not expected People Before Profit and Defend Council Housing to carry out due diligence and read the small print in the papers being presented for approval at the Housing committee meeting.
People Before Profit also discovered in the council accounts that it has over £10 Million in reserve earning almost no income, when this could be used to build Council homes without the need to borrow or do yet another PFI deal, as well as help turn empty buildings into Co-operative housing. Self Builds etc.
It Costs on average £44.500 to keep 1 family a year in Bed and Breakfast and even more in a Hostel, whilst cost of renting 3 bed in the private sector is £1300 average for borough.
Why did the Council not include this  huge saving and  income it would save by moving 500 families out of expensive emergency housing in to Property  it would own with no mortgage and from day one producing a huge cash flow to the council Coffers.
Clearly Labour Lewisham seems to run the boroughs finances on the back of an envelope.
Sadly Local Residents May not have elected a People Before Profit Council in May, but we will continue to Stand up to Labours failings and seek as always to make these people fully accountable..After all this Council is elected to serve the residents interests and it needs to remember this not just every 4 years at election time

Ray Woolford
Press Officer
Lewisham People Before Profit
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Washington and New Yorks. Jews on mass come out to oppose Israel state policy on Gaza and demand Peace.

Pic. Of prominent Rabbi of NY in DC to protest Zionist desecration of Jewish cemeteries in Israel.C the signs message!

Gaza march in London Sat 26 July.-Click to see video

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Left Unity (@LeftUnityUK)
Very good video of yesterday's march.

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Lewisham residents and community groups.. On the march for peace in GAZA.

Lewisham campaigners join Gaza protest in London

Gaza Protest July 25 Pic:Niall Sargent
Gaza Protest July 26 Pic: Niall Sargent
Campaigners from Lewisham joined tens of thousands of protesters voicing their opposition to Israeli action in Gaza.
According to police figures, 45,000 people joined the march, as a sea of banners, placards and swaying flags flowed from the Israeli embassy in Kensington toward Downing Street.
Gaza Protest July 25 Pic:Niall Sargent
Gaza Protest July 26 Pic: Niall Sargent
Demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and posters with slogans such as ‘Free Palestine,’ and ‘Stop the Massacre,’ and chanted “people of Gaza, we are with you.”
Gaza Protest July 25 Pic:Niall Sargent
Gaza Protest July 26 Pic: Niall Sargent
Various groups from Lewisham also joined the march, including Lewisham Stop the War and thePeople Before Profit (PBP) Lewisham branch.
“In 40 years as a community activist this was the most diverse demonstration I have ever been at,” said Raymond Woolford, a representation of PBP.
Ray Wooldford Pic:Niall Sargent
Ray Woolford Pic: Ray Woolford
“PBP is proud that we marched with Muslim and Jewish people and people who just want social justice.
“I am also extremely proud of my friends from Lewisham PBP and my neighbours in South London who came here today and said ‘I am disgusted with what is going on in Gaza’.”
Woolford, who also runs the Lewisham Food Bank, has been vocal about the Gaza crisis on social media recently, receiving over one million views of a tweet seeking to “unite” people of the Muslim and Jewish faiths in the Middle East.
Gaza Protest July 26 Pic: Niall Sargent
Gaza Protest July 26 Pic: Niall Sargent
While Woolford understands that his actions online and at yesterday’s demonstration cannot end the violence directly, he can still send a message of solidarity to the people of Palestine.
“This Saturday we may not have been able to stop the war, but we were able to show the world that we Brits bloody well do care.”
The march brought together a host of other groups, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and the Palestinian Forum in Britain.
Gaza Protest July 25 Pic:Niall Sargent
Gaza Protest July 26 Pic: Niall Sargent
Simultaneous protests took place across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, including Birmingham, Cambridge, Dublin, Edinburgh and Newcastle, while the Palestinian flag was flown over Preston town hall at 4pm.

New York Jews close New York streets to oppose Israel state policy on Gaza and say no to WAR

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Michael de Jong (@Sprakeloos)
@vosje62 @JaapJansen @Raywoolford Yep, had expl of 'fake' picture retweeted already. Demo still took place though…?

Please click on the blue link to see pictures and read copy.

We can only win the peace when Jews and Muslim seek to come together as one and fight the State agenda of control and Greed. Israel fears the jewish opposition to what it is doing the most, which is why i promote linking our 2 peoples together and refusing to allow the old politics of state of deviding people and keeping control through FEAR.
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Thursday 24 July 2014

Stafford Hospital occupation. Standing up 4 our NHS. No sell off, No surrender !

SaveLewishamA&E (@SaveLewishamAE)
'Stafford cannot be silenced, social media is needed to spread the word. Its SSH not Shh!'… @mombie2947 #occupyssh

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Lewisham People Before Profit will be taking local residents from Lewisham this weekend to support the awesome NHS campaigners who are living on site. This is OUR NHS, we will be showing solidarity with Stafford Hospital .We won our fight in Lewisham.. Help us take the force to Stafford!

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