Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Is any one out there? Lewisham Campaigner Calling.

Well this is it, the 21st Century has hit me at last and blogging, I am informed is the communication of the future. How I miss the joy of good conversation and the adrenaline of a good argument or debate, but we live in a different age, where money wins the argument, and us band of community campaigners have only our passion, commitment and anger at the injustice of the political system to help us take on the establishment and win.
How has this come about? that after 30 years as a community campaigner, having fought every local election since I was able to vote, and swearing after losing in New Cross ward 4 years ago, that I would never run again, am I hitting the campaign trail, and seeking to create a New world, an alternative to the main stream, but a way head that is fair and just, and one that truly creates a society we would all be proud to be part of.

Well, the phone call came from the former Independent Mayor for Lewisham Candidate, John Hamilton, who angry about the corruption and mismanagement by Labour in Government and in The way they were running Lewisham Council, Which seemed to be all about profit and big business, with nothing to do with public service, or representing the interests of the residents who vote them in, and who expect so much more from local Councillors, led to a huge number of Community campaigns being Fought across Lewisham, such as Saving Ladywell pool, and the Campaign to build a new school, as well as endless Groups campaigning to Stop the Sell off by the Council of Council Estates, and Council Property as well as the encouragement of greed by allowing developers to build what ever they like regardless of what is wanted or in the best Interests of the Local residential population.

So this, my friends, is my journey, our campaign to bring about a new politics, and campaign that for the first time in my life time, is seeing Residents, Trades Unionists, Community Campaigners, Parents Teachers Leaseholders and Council tenants, come together as one large Group, putting forward a real choice for Lewisham Voters, with Candidates for MP,Councillor Ian Page in Deptford, John Hamilton for Mayor, and up to 6o Local residents, not Career Politicians as Council Candidates in May, I hope each day I can deal with the Campaign issues, convince you of the need to vote for Lewisham People Before Profit, and not just to seek your votes for 6 May, but for you to really join this peoples revolution.

Let the Battle for hearts and Minds begin, Lewisham really needs the change the people behind People before profit will bring...Is Any one out there? I am not so sure, but I hope my journey will make good reading.
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