Friday, 22 July 2011

Deptford & New Cross Planning

Deptford and New Cross Residents are getting organised to fight yet more planning applications set to go before Lewisham Council in the coming weeks. the Lord Clyde pub is the latest to go, as it owners seek to build yet more flats, at this rate we will see every street in the area becoming a building site. With Convoy Wharf about to take off, the Largest Development proposal in Lewisham History, already many groups are getting Organised, Both the New Cross Community Council and Lewisham People before profit have set up Planning Groups, so email me if you wish to play an active roll, or just to be kept up to date.the bad side of all this, is that commercial Landlords are pushing up rents,one Wharehouse full of artists in Creekside have been served notice, as the Owners seek to make more money from the improvements to the area, whilst i have lost track of the number of Local traders being forced to pay ever higher rents and rates. At the moment, all that we love about our neighbourhood is under treat. It is just Tragic, that Our Labour MP and Our Labour Councillors are only interested in the money these proposals bring to the Council, and care little for the impact on the enviorment or of the interests of the residents who live here.I hope people remember Labours Awful record in this area, when they next get to vote.Councillor Long, the New Cross Councillor who was exposed by the News Shopper News paper for taking Council money and doing almost nothing for it before the last round of elections, is back at her old tricks, Looking on Lewisham councils own website, she has only attended 3 meetings in over a year, but she has still claimed thousands of Council tax payers money. That works out at over £3000 per attendance...and if you think she bothers with Local Issues, i am happy to confirm, she is as invisable to the electors as she is with the Council Chamber.
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