Wednesday, 29 May 2013

BNP March on Lewisham May 2013/ Plans for Action in Lewisham agreed

If ever there was a march intended to incite inter-community hatred, this is it. Labour Lewisham must join me and others in calling on Goverment to ban this march, it has nothing to do with free speech, but everything to do with gaining votes for the far right and leading to fear and hate towards our Muslim neighbours, most of which have nothing to do with this.
Goverment plans for snoopers charter must also be clearly opposed.
We must allow people to oppose war in all its forms and to put a stop to establishment wars being carried out in our name.
Saturday,  We will be heading to Woolwich and a small number of people will he on hand at Lewisham Islamic centre to insure its safety, people are on stand by to come at short notice should Martin from the NUT text and tweet us.the BNP do not speak in our name,a second rally will NOT therefore   be held in Lewisham   in opposition to this march of hate and that the we Lewisham residents share the tragidy of a lost life but also do not want to see innocent people used and abused in our neighbourhoods .

People Before Profit will be discussing this and what further acts of opposition can be done in Lewisham at next mondays group meeting.

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In the cold light of dawn ... BNP have climbed down and they will have their sordid little demo in Whitehall. A communication from Lewisham Mosque says that in view of this the Mosque would like to thank everyone who came to support them on Wednesday and they have cancelled the counter-demo.
So everyone, go about your normal business on Saturday. The Anti-Fascists are still going ahead with demo in Woolwich however but will be focussed on death of Lee Rigby with a solemn march past of death site. If that floats your boat, go.

See Latest response from Lewisham Mayor after my Calls for march to be banned.

Dear Ray Woolford,

Steve is extremely concerned about the implications of this proposed march and has made these concerns known to the Metropolitan Police. It is his view that the march should not be permitted to go ahead and that the Home Secretary should be asked to use her powers to prevent it. Please be assured that Steve continues to press for this during the day and that we are also working with our colleagues in Greenwich to achieve this.

I trust that this is helpful.

Andy Williams
Office of Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham


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