Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Universal Credit. Exclusive Goverment set to scrap Computer system/ Exclusive

After the disaster under trhe last Labour Goverment to set up a huge data base for the NHS and having wasted millions of public money it was scrapped as unfit for purpose.
One of my blog readers and a supporter of People before Profit who has been working on the data base, says Universal credit on line will not happen, and that the Goverment is looking to set up call centres to deal with applications by phone instead of computer.
Lewisham & Greenwich People Before Profit members have long campaigned against this computer system that it would cost a fortune, would fail the people most in need and was unworkable.
We are unsure how the Goverment will get out of this one, but expect them to cover back by saying. We have listerned to peoples concerns about computer access and have decided to review our proposals and make access easier via call centres.
You read it here first.
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