Sunday, 17 December 2017

#Human Rights #Civil rights #Liberty TheLastQueenOfScotland The Most have #Christmasbook this year as helps fund our work whilst telling untold story of the Scottish Woman who took on the power of State

Ok this #Christmas. The need to help people in crises will be at its greatest in our life time and under this government I do not expect any change soon .
My We Care & #ChrissySentUs. Projects demand on the profit we get when you buy my #Books To fund our work !
This weekend my new play , book ,ebook has come out , you can buy it from any book seller or from any online ebook outlet or you can down load it for free .
This money is crucial to our work and we need every penny not just for food but to top up energy supplies .support people & out reach projects with equipment so success of my latest book very important , not to me , but the huge number of people & pets we help !
The book' liberty' tells the true story of one amazing #Scottish #Womab who took on the power of state to win the civil rights everyone reading this enjoys Today, so why do we celebrate our Kings & Queens but ignore & erase from #History OUr Working class #Heroes & the Woman who fought our battles so hard ! This book I hope creates a wider debate about why this is & when we have chance to read their stories & in this case the story of #KathDuncan. We just turn the page or just think a tweet is enough !
For some people this #Christmas. It's about life & death .Jesus was the most famous activist & campaigner 4 social justice whatever your faith or none ! Today , pplease share widely across All your social media .Review the. Ok & Go online .Order 'Liberty' at £4.99 what gift you can put in some ones stocking could possible deliver more ?

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