Thursday, 17 November 2011

Poverty..Who Cares?

What does it take to make you angry? I do not think I am alone in being disgusted at the story in this week's news, in which an elderly couple just gave up and killed themselves after spending 18 months trying to sort out the disability allowance to which they were entitled. They were living in one room because they were unable to heat their house and were walking 6 miles a day to get a food parcel because they had no money for the bus fare. In the same month a young person who was unable to pay their tuition fees threw themselves under a train. The growing despair that the worsening financial situation is causing is simply terrifying. It is clear that the three main political parties have become the parties of Big Business. I would not have thought that in my lifetime I would see a Labour Party sacking staff en masse as they rush to privatise local services and close libraries that are the last remaining and crucial public space for all local people, whatever their income. Labour's record is truly shocking, as is their current failure to back the thousands of teachers and public sector workers who are considering striking for a decent pension. We have all seen the appalling reports in the media about the poor care being provided by the NHS in certain areas. If you listen to management consultants rather than medical experts, if you sack full-time nurses and rely increasingly on agency staff, what do you expect? How can you expect a ward of 390 very ill people to get the care they deserve from just 1 ward nurse? If ever you should make a stand, it is NOW. Please get ANGRY and ACTIVE. Come to Lewisham People Before Profit's next meeting. These are held on the first Monday in every month at 7pm at Come the Revolution Cafe. Please support us in any way you can. You can make a donation, you can visit our cafe, or you can e-mail us your support. Please start voting for people who care about you and our community. Bad times are HERE FOR REAL. We must stand together, we must campaign together, and we must help the thousands around us who are in great need. E-mail:
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