Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Feltham & Heston By-Election

At long Last London Voters have the chance to vote for a real alternative, to the 3 main stream political groups, that gave up on representing the interests of the working Class years ago. At a meeting held last night, it was agreed that Lewisham People Before Profit, would put forward a candidate on the People before profit agenda, Campaigning in support of Public sector workers, to see investment in house building, and capital expenditure to give people real long term jobs. to see Council estates and public buildings used to generate green energy to cut back on fuel poverty, to see a programme of building new council homes to deal, with a very real housing shortage, and to see the huge numbers of jobs this would bring,. it must be better to have people in work, paying tax, THAN A NATION OF WORKERS ON BENIFIT.. . We also are looking ahead to the GLA elections next May, and with PR, we have a real chance across London to win seats on the GLA.Our Candidate is the economist George Hallam. He will play a very pro active campaign, seeking to build a new grouping in Feltham and Heston, and to use the publicity to build People before profit Campaign groups across London and were ever people are looking to build a real alternative. At this election voters will have the choice of voting for 3 main political groups, none of which are willing to come out and Support the 2 miilion people who will lose a days pay to stand up against the Goverment. It is to the Labour partys shame, that we are having to put forward a candidate who will put people before the interests of big business.. Voters can vote for something very different.. if you can help with our campaign, make a donation, or would be interested in building a people before profit campaign group in your area, please email me.Further details on our party website;www.lpbp.org.uk
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