Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lewisham Homes Occupied for local residents

In just 1 week, Public sector housing in London, has become the number 1 story on ITN London Tonight news,. and BBC 1 South East News.. Evening Standard, radio and a huge host of publications have, and are running with the story.. so what is Lewisham People before profit hoping to do with this Campaign?. Most of the 5 homes we occupied last weekend, had been empty for between 5 and 10 years, with an average rent of £13,000 per year, plus £1300 Council tax per year. the loss to the tax payers of Lewisham in Council tax not paid and rent collected, is greater than the cost to save New Cross Library from Closure....Add to this the cost of 50 plus families in very expensive B&B and Hostal accomadation who could of been living in these wonderful homes. It is truly a disgrace and abuse of Power, that Lewisham Labour party who run the council, had also proposed on the quiet to sell these homes at knock down prices, with guide prices as low as £130.000 for 3 bedroom period homes, you do wonder as to who is getting what out of this, certainly not the Lewisham Tax payer, or the 17.000 plus people in urgent housing need on the councils list.. We plan to refurbish these homes at cost, and offer them back to families in real need on Lewisham Council housing list, even if you swallow the lie, that these homes will cost £40.000 to repair, this would cost in total £180.000 to buy a period 3 bedroom home in an area that as resently as January this year has homes selling at £400.000 plus. .By using local tradespeople and training local people out of work, we can get people back to work and off benifit, refurbishing these homes, and bring the homes back to life, for the Neighbourhoods they are left to rot in, and for the real housing need we have in Lewisham.. Paying rent, giving homes to people in need, collecting rents to raise funds to stop cuts in key local services.. is our campaign so wrong? Our House in Angus street is in wonderful Condition, we are hoping the Council will work with us, beyond the politics..and help us create local jobs for local people, mainly the young, and turn these buildings back into homes.. You are welcome to visit and see the homes for yourself..The Campaign Goes on, i hope that we can encourage Councils and residents across the UK, to stop selling public buildings, to get local people involved to bring empty buildings back in to community use..the Battle to Save and build more Council homes will go on.. Just help us build the campaigns and get the message out.. We still needs funds, People and offers of Help, and we could do with more people supporting our community Cafe, Come the revolution, at 467 New Crioss road Deptford Se14. open 8-5pm Monday to Friday, and 11-4 Weekends..
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