Thursday, 8 December 2011

Deptford Creekside New Plans/ New Planning Update

Just got news, that Lewisham Council is seeking to turn Deptford creekside into a Conservation Area.. this is at clear odds with the fact, Lewisham Labour Council, have been building Luxuary flats on every bit of free space it can sell of for years, with no community benifit, it was this wreckless planning policy of turning the area into one giant development, that got so many people active in Lewisham People before profit..Lewisham Council after the huge public pressure from Lewisham People before Profit members and supporters who have built up a huge campaign to protect Convoy Wharfs Marine history, and our demands for a new school, real long tern jobs for local people, and real Affordable Housing.This week English Heritage and the GLA, all came out in support of our proposals, Lewisham Council under huge pressure...who had given a nod and a wink to the developer, have had to go back to the drawing board, as the planned submission for planning on December 8th has been Scrapped, a clearly pissed off PR company who at first seemed to warm to our plans, and then dug in when they realized our campaign could stall these plans, have ignored requests for the listed Marine Wharfs to be given to us on a 25 year lease to create real long term green jobs, restore the historic ship works area to repair boats and to build a Maritime Museum and turn Convoys into a Green Energy Enterprise Zone. Hopefully Locals will further support our Plabns, when we put forward Candidates in next Mays GLA elections, and further along the Lines, when we Fight to win Every Lewisham Council Seat and Steve Bullocks Mayor post.. Although our Plans for the Mayor to to save money by abolishing the post if we win, and going back to local Councillors electing a different mayor every year.. But thats a while off...Just make sure you are on the Voters roll to vote; People before Profit...We have a Great Exhition on the Impact of the Olympics on Greenwich park, just drop by the Cafe..its free.. We also have this week launched the Internet Cafe at 50 pence per hour, and from Monday our Green Energy will see our first 5 members start training...With so much going on at the cafe, it is hard to keep up...But aftyer starty up problems, the CVafe and the Community work is going very well, the advice centre has had huge success as has our CV workshop and out Training programmes are starting 3 months early.. All this is due to the local people who come day after day to the cafe to buy a Take away Tea, Have a Meal, or attend events and services we offer.This small amount of money you spend, Helps us do so much, every penny you spend goes directly to the local community and the Local economy, if we can get more people in mornings and afternoons and over the weekends, we could give more jobs to local people.. So if you have not been,...Come soon, and to you wonderful regulars, i cannot thank you enough, and i only wish you could see the amazing thinks your money has allowed us to do.. In Deptford and New Cross you have a Huge Choice, but the Only Place that Gives its money back to the Community is ...Come the Revolution..We charge you less than anywhere else.. So why eat or Drink anywhere else?
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