Friday, 20 April 2012

London GLA Elections Vote Barbara Raymond People before Profit

After 50 years of Campaigning and fighting for the people of Lewisham,Barbara Raymond has been selected to fight the Labour seat GLA of Greenwich and Lewisham. Labour have a terrible local record, of waste and mismanagement going back 30 years.. Taking local residents votes for granted and rushing through the ConDem cuts at record speed, instead of standing firm, and fighting hard to defend services, build more Council homes, and address the areas real poverty from lack of jobs, to Fuel poverty. In Lewisham, we have 2000 empty homes,homes that could be bringing in rent and Council tax to fund front line services. Lewisham Labour Council, have refused to allow local people to take over these homes, refurbish and help to address the real housing crises in London. As of yesterday, Lewisham and Greenwich people before profit, have stopped the these homes from being sold , at several Auctions across London of homes, being sold on the cheap, by Labour Councils. In Greenwich, the Borough has 3.600 empty homes, It is an out and out scandle.and Yet young people starting out are finding it impossible to secure a home, a Job or a basic living income, the End of EMA and Student funding shames us all. Whilst again Lewisham under Labour has said it will close 5 childrens centres with the loss of 78 staff jobs.. The Labour party was once a great party that fought for the poor, today it is a party of the Rich and the Business community, on May 3rd.. Please back Barbara Raymond and Back the TUSC list for London wide...A vote for these 2 will send a clear message.. We can stop the Rot... Building new homes will generate real long term jobs. Refiiting and refurbishinmg these homes will lead to loads of real long term jobs and skills..using Council buildings to generate green energy for all local residents will help us in South London reduce fuel poverty.. whilst supporting local small traders and boosting green enterprise in the area, will benifit us all, Labour seem only interested in the politics of greed and self interest..they clearly are using the cuts to punish the poor to gain political advantage at a time the Labour Mayor has given yet another Labour Chronie a job in his team.. If you can Help Barbara to Win on May 3rd, Can deliver flyers at stations and schools, wish to put up a Poster or make a donation, please go to the People before profit web page... But please use the real power you have, and the only power politicians fear..Vote them out on May 3rd.. If they can kick Labour out in Bradford, we can do it in South London..This fight has nothing to do with the Concervatives, a Vote for Barbar will not let in the Tories.. But it will force the Councils to Stop selling our Homes,to work at making jobs come to our area and help us end fuel poverty..
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