Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Newham Council . Social cleansing of the poor?

As i have written many times, it is clear the present Labour party, is playing very real politics with the lives and services of the poor, the plans by both Newham and Waltham Forest Labour Councils to deport hundreds of families to the midlands, is what you would expect in Korea.. But this is happening right now in London.. John Hamilton for People before profit, has put our a very clear statement of our groups view.. Human beings are not commodities, to be bought, sold and shifted around according to the whim of goverment or the vagaries of the capitalist " Market". Unemployment and lack of oppertunity for school leavers are the root cause of many of society"s current problems, and moving people to distant towns were housing is less scarce fails to take account of the need to maintain community structures and familarity. This is even more importnant for unemployed people who do not have the security of a workplace, colleagues or enough money. The answer is in regenerating industry in London and the whole of Britian. what better way than by embarking on a large scale programme of council house building-a cornerstone of People Before Profit"s policies ever since our founding in 2008. We have the human resources in this country to build more environmentally sustainable homes and workplaces to replace the inefficent Victorian housing. It may not be profitable to build high quality homes for rent, but it is time to put people before profit, to create jobs in the building industry, and to offer training in a wide range of skills, from laying drains, to making wind turbines and solar panels. It has long been my personel view, that Lewisham council under the Labour Party has been planning to get rid of low income families for years, in order to reduce the demand for schools, heath care and front line services, This i think is part of the reason, the council has allowed so many family size homes to have been left to rot.. clearly if they can move familes to Croydon etc.. they will not require services in Lewisham. I will be raising a question on this at the next full Council meeting in June. Does any one out their still believe that a Vote for Labour, is a vote for the poorest members of our Community?
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