Monday, 7 May 2012

GLA ELECTION RESULTS ; Great Result for People Before Profit

With a pretty poor turn out, and with close to 2000 ballot forms being ruined. Barbara Raymond Greenwich & Lewisham People Before Profit Candidate, Secured just under 7000 votes, The best a Candidate of the Left has secured at GLA level, in a very long time. Barbara Raymond came 5th, Beating all the Candidates of the extreme right. UKIP, BNP, and the National Front. With two Local Community activists needing hospital Treatment, after being attacked in Lewisham High street last week, The result for Barbara, Helped make the result a bit sweeter, Although another term of Boris, is one we could all clearly do without. The Lib Dem Results, show Clearly, that in Lewisham, the only Alternative to Labour Lewisham Cuts And Homes sell off agenda, is People before Profit. We have 2 years to remind the 17.000 People on Lewisham Housing Waiting List, and the Thousands of Local people without work, That they do not have to vote like Turkeys for Christmas, but that a Vote for People before Profit, is a real alternative to see Homes build and Refurbished, jobs Created and our front line services improved and expanded. Labour in Lewisham, have a record of Greed and Mismanagement, that has for far to long shamed the Labour Movement. Next Local Elections in 2 years, Barbara raymond and her Result clearly shows, we can Win. We should Win the Mayor and abolish the Gravy train of Councillors and cabinet members, claiming thousands of pounds of hard earned tax payers money, whilst kicking the poor in the teeth and closing so many of our front line services with no sound economic argument.
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