Friday, 29 June 2012

Addey & Stanhope school Deptford and New Cross School Places

After 12 years of campaigning for a new secondry school for Deptford and New Cross, in which the Schools campaign lead to a member being elected for New Cross, and was part of the original group that has since become Lewisham People Before Profit. Labour Lewisham have failed yet again to address a very real problem, by increasing the presure on local schools as they have agreed proposals for increasing provision at Addey & Stanhope school in Deptford. The new sixth form will be located on the main school site converting the schools gym, into new classroom space. The School wants the sixth form to specialise in science and technology. The Council admits that many local children travil as far as Dartford and Richmond for schools. Lewisham Council have relentlessly sold of land to private development, instead of standing firm and investing in more schools for the present and future school place problems. The Present Deptford Green School,( pupils of which will move in September , to the New Deptford Green school Building on Angus Street Se8.) would be a perfectly decent site to be refurbished as a new school for Lewisham, this would offer the least expensive option. The Council also has a massive shortage of primary school places that also needs addressing, i am fully aware from local parents who are sending small children as far as Stockwell in Lambeth for scholl provision, this is clearly not exceptable and once Lewisham People before Profit win Control of Lewisham Council, Schools and Housing will be issues we deal with from day one. A view also held by our Candidate for Mayor. John Hamilton.
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