Friday, 29 June 2012

Food Parcels for New Cross and Deptford

As more and more food banks open across the UK, i am looking at opening one in New Cross and Deptford, the aim would be to give food parcels to any one in need, and would not focus one group or another, but would offer free food parcels to any local resident in need..clearly it would need to have some sort of control to insure the food is not abused or taken and sold on, or undermines any other food programme in the area. We have several in Deptford, but none that offer help to any person in need of support. If you think we do, or will have a need in our Community for this, i would welcome your feed back or comments. With Universal Credit coming in, and prices going up, whilst local incomes go down, i hope i am not alone in looking to do something to help. Last week on Radio 4, a Woman was talking about her family, the fact her Husband had a small cleaning company, that was fast losing contracts due to the economic climate, less money had and family pressure had lead to her going without food secretly , whilst on 2 days she kept her children from school claiming they were ill, as she had no money or food in the house to put in the Childrens lunch box. Needless to say, it is the total abuse and neglect of the poorest members of our community by both this Goverment and the Last Labour Goverment, that drives my passion to see People before Profit candidates elected.
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