Monday, 18 November 2013

Local food bank We Care Christmas appeal needs your support.Please donate.

We Care food bank is seeing its numbers grow at the rate of 20 new families a week.
Last year we just had 28 clients, today over 1000, we feed more and more children, pets and the elderly, without state funding it is a tough job never ending job,  buying the food, paying the rent and wages of the staff and offering our outreach work, advice centre on fresh air, just a small regular donation each month from 100 people could be a huge boost to our work load. Please help.
We Care Food Bank Account, is with the Co -Op bank Lewisham
Sort code 08 92 99
Account Number 65659328

Help us insure this Christmas our Children have food on the table, local families have food to feed the family cat or dog, instead of having to chose, give up the family pet or starve.
You can make a difference to our work, we urgently need to raise £5000 so we can secure Charity status. Please support this appeal!
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