Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas thoughts about what it means to care.

Ok its Christmas Slade is still the most popular song on the radio after 40 years.. really was it that long ago?,
The weather thank God has not dropped below freezing and i can sleep a bit better at night not having to worry about some poor sod through no fault of there own on the streets of  the 6 richest country in the world , but what a year as we come to the end, Food banks are opening at an alarming rate, whilst home owners are told property prices will rise by 40% over the coming years, so do not put this boom at risk, and stick with the posh boys on election today, cannot trust the Labour lot with the economy they got us us in this mess, are we all so shallow that we allow the value of our homes to be the deciding factor as to how we vote in 2014/15? are we all so pissed of with the system that we will totally opt out come the next round of elections and allow the establishment to steal the last of whats on the shelfs? Gordan gave away our Gold and raved aboutr PFI that has bleed the NHS dry, the torys just say they are carrying on were the Labour party left off, but doing things better, Labour are presently promising to out do the Conservatives once in power only to aware that increasing numbers of the poor no longer vote, along with the young, Labour has moved so far to the right over the years that an army of new political movements have be3en launched, SNP did the impossible they beat the voting system that was designed to insure no party could get outright control, but Alex did it for the SNP causing a huge loss to traditional Labour in Scotland whilst the Scotish Socialist party is bitting at its ankles taking a way the hard core traditional Labour voters and activists opposed to the privatisation agenda, in South East Greens have hit the headlines for problems runnuing Brighton Council but its Green MP is set to hold her seat due to the huge profile and campaigns , Respect is dead or growing depending on who you speak to, the Left Unity party has been Launched this year and Lewisham People Before Profit came from 7th at the last local elections to almost win the rock solid Labour Seat of evelyn ward in Deptford with 24 of the vote and are on track to win it outright in 2014, UKIP continue to be the media darlings and will do very real damage to the Conservatives, although increasingly are gaining more Labour voters, had the Greens had the publicity that UKIP has had you do wonder what polling figure they would have in the present crises.On November 5th 1 million people blogged the west end, only twitter and blogs reported on this as the state introduced a media blackout fearful this opeaceful protest would go national, the worst part of 2013 has been the way the media has stopped reporting protest, 60.000 protesting in Manchester in support of theNHS was almost ignored and yet far to many of us trust our TV news. In 2014 i would urge you to do more on line, join twitter, read blogs be open but not surprised.
Why do i say all this? Well politics does matter, we are seeing changes on a scale never seen before, the Goverment admits it is ideology that drives this agenda and privatisation and cuts are the future from either Labour or a Tory Goverment, as we end 2013, i would just ask that you take time out to think.. Think about your neighbours, family members how are they coping? poverty shames like no other and you would be hard pressed to get your own parents to admit the cupboad is bare this Christmas, if you have sonme spare case the We Care food bank always needs, helpers, cash to keep the shelfs full andcloths and furniture etc to help pay the bills. Think about how and why you vote , could you do more? could you stand yourself for the Council instead of leaving your ward to be won by a Carreer politician? does your local community group needs some help, deliverinmg news letters, stuffing envelopes or just making the tea. for many 2013 was a great year, but for the 6 million in poverty 2013 was the future. Under the last Labour Goverment we had the slogan... Make Poverty History..What became of that? Poverty copsts us dear in NHS charges due to poor health, Low pay leads to huge sums in welfare and housing rent payments, all could be addressed and i constantly ask why only People Before Profit solution to ending poverty is not more main stream, but i hope and believe 20-14 will be the year people truly start a fight back and refuse to accept the greed and abuse of power by thevestablishment and vote alternative, get angry and active.
Iceland in the crash went bust. The new Goverment has put on trial all the bankers, Every one with a Mortgage has had it writtern of by the Goverment, The Iceland Goverment had a vote and its people voted NO to paying back the money scamed by the bankers.. It could be so different .
Have a great Christmas, i am still staggered at the thousands of you who read my blog every month, follow me on twitter@RayWoolford or support the endless campaigning that we all do for our community as part of www.peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk . I hope that one day we meet as people in arms, as human beings helping others less fortunate or on the streets exposing greed and abuse of power.. Have a good one!
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