Thursday, 5 December 2013

National Network of Independent Food Banks ; Speaks and Campaigns on behalf of Countrys Independent run Food Banks.Join TODAY

Reading the national press, you would think the only people running food banks in the UK are the Trussell trust, more info on this organisation in earlier postings, however the uk has around 670 Independent Food banks and We Care,  the largest food bank in London has launched  the National network to help with free training and support, help with access to food and commercial space, media profile and funding as well as standing up for our clients and campaiging not to be part of the welfare agenda, but to be a positive voice for change and to fight and oppose poverty in all its forms.
If you wish to join the rate is £20 per year plus vat. we charge no fees or franchsie arrangement but are happy to share our 14 months of building a none state funded community food bank on thin air over the past 14 months, growing from 28 people to over 1000, with more clients signing up every day , with you.
If your food bank or the one you plan to open will feed anyone in food crises, then you should join the  National Independent network of  foodbanks.
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