Friday, 2 December 2011

George Hallam People before profit Feltham & Heston By-Election.. To Win?

Over the Past week,the number of positive profiles of London People before Profits Candidate George Hallam in the Feltham and Heston By-Election, (Hounslow to most people), has Seen George come from nowhere to having a real chance to cause an election upset. The only Candidate who is a member of the only Political Party to support the 2 million public sector workers on strike this week, in an area with a huge number of Public sector workers, George is gaining ground, with Local union branches backing George with Donations and offers of Help. The Internet is packed with Groups and Voters saying they will be Voting London People before Profit on 15th December. as this election is not about changing the Goverment, local, Residents have a chance to make a real protest against the 3 main political partys who have caused this mess. Many local residents still remember, that it was the Labour party that ignored the 1 million people marching against the Iraq War. It was the Labour Party who started PFI, which has bought the health service such problems, and it was the Labour party who started the Student fees.. Today it is Lord Hutton a Labour Minister whose report has lead to the savage cuts in pay and Pensions for the public sector. So Clearly if you hate the Bankers, so loved by the last Labour Goverment, and you like me, hate everything about the BNP, then you will do what ever you can to elect George Hallam, the Only Candidate who will put People before Business Interests...this Election is a no Brainer.. George deserves to walk this, and shake the Political establishment to the Core, a win for People before Profit, would be the most powerful protest any Individual could ever do.If you have friends, Family in this area,make sure they vote, do not expect National Media Coverage for George, the Idea of George winning scares them ridged.. We can do this via Blogs, Twitter..Emails , Websites, Facebook, Etc, Remember People Before Profit was set up, not by Politicians, But by Community Campaigners across South London angry about Goverment and Political Leaders who simply put the Interest of Big Business before community Need...Vote Vote Vote London People Before Profit not just on 15th December, but at the GLA next May, Set up a Group, this is a real movement with a real alternative, George is also one of the UKs best Economists, he clearly understands Finance and the Lies our Media and Goverment feed us.
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