Friday, 2 December 2011

German Readers..And Other Global Readers

I am increasingly surprised by the huge number of readers reading my Blog across the world, last month the number one readership was Austria, whilst this Month, it has been Germany, Spain and India and the Middle east as well as Asia increasingly feature,Which is odd, as my Blog is mainly about a very Small but Very Political and Happening part of South London.Lewisham People before profit is Huge in France, and People before Profit have 3 MPs elected in Ireland, so building the Movement across the Globe is great and welcome, but i and my readers would love to hear about what you are doing in your Country, what Campaigns, What protests, the more we can link and forward news, the more success we can have with our campaigns and our Politics, the main stream media has no interest in seeing small political partys win Elections, but i would welcome your contribution to my Blog.Hopefully you can link your blogs and websites to ours and contribute ideas, news and support...The Wonderful part of doing my blog, is getting home after a long day, to see my stats and the huge number of people who read my Blog..If you do get to come to the UK, Come to our Community Cafe Come the Revolution in Deptford London.. a huge warm welcome awaits..
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