Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Councillor Padmore.. I have Cancer

After a year in which Councillor Padmore has failed to attend ward meetings, advice surgerys and only the Min number of meetings,( 2 per year to insure he does not lose the almost ~£10.000 a year he gets in allowance). Councillor Padmore has stated he had a stroke last year and has Cancer. Clearly if you have this level of poor health, holding the role of a Councillor for one of the poorest wards in the Country, with 55% youth unemployment and very real urgent issues of concern that need daily addressing , needs Councillors that are fit well and able to do the role they are elected to do, not lining your own pockets. Councillor Padmore if nothing else should resign in order to get back to good health, being a hard working Councillor is not in his best interest, it also does not help that fellow Labour Councillor Long, has an equaly poor attendence record. Is it any wonder that Barbara Raymond Lewisham People Before Profit came second to Labour in this ward in Mays GLA election and should win these seats in 2014 local elections.
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