Thursday, 6 September 2012

South African Miners need our support

Being killed to seek a decent living wage from one of the worlds richest business concerns, just to earn money to educate your children, should get us all of the sofa and Outside the South African Embassy to show support for fellow workers. Risking life and injury every day, not to buy a new car, a second home, or even a colour TV. These miners just want a decent wage to put food on the table and to give their children the education and oppertunity not open to them. The Worlds Goverments have been shameful in the lack of action being taken against the South African Goverment, i am sure i am not alone in thinking that if these were white mine workers being killed on mass, the World would act. People before profit will be planning action to show support for the miners and the families who have paid in blood and loss of life for the basic demand to protest and seek a living wage. This is not an issue about a small company struggerling in difficult times, this is a mega rich British company making billions of pounds in profit on cheap Labour. Labour that is exploited by a British Company, that clearly puts profit before any sense of care, thought or decentcy to the people that slave day after day in terrible conditions to make this company ever richer. Email me or Go to the Lewisham People Before Profit Website. with so many of my blog readers being across the world. I hope you can organise demonstrations outside the South African Embassy in your Country, as the Company is British, it would be worth also targeting the British Embassy to force the British Goverment to force the mining company to compensate the families, make an agreement with the workers, and insure the end of slave labour. Whilst this is not a Lewisham Issue, across the world the poor, the working class need to stict and support each other as never before.. No one else will.
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