Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Whitefoot By Election Lewisham 2012

With poor timing a by-election has been called in Whitefoot Ward Lewisham. Most Councillors and party activists had expected one in New Cross after the appalling abuse of tax payers money claimed by Labour Councillors Long and Padmore for voting through staff sackings and cuts to front line services, whilst lining their own pockets with Councillors allowances, (approx £9.6000 for just attending briefly one meeting for 15 mins and then leaving). Clearly the Labour party no longer care about what the public think or care. The last Goverment fell due to Labour and Tory abuse of Public funds, clearly in Lewisham, the fact voters backed them on mass last time, has given them the green light to go greed big time. The bad news for the Lib Dems, the Lib Dems will not hold or win this seat, i am willing to wager that they will get above 350 votes, The Greens may get some less, the real vote will be between Labour and either People before profit or the Socialists, which could be a joint ticket with lpbp. Which ever party puts forward a anti cuts Candidate. Whitefoot will not set the world on fire, it is a ward in which the Vote turn out will be low, with no time to build campaigns or establish. People before profit would find this ward tough going, we have done a huge amount in New Cross and Deptford and are pushing the Greens hard in Ladywell and Brockley, so this is were the money and time is spent securing wards to deliver Community activists and Anti cuts Councillors next local elections. This could still be a ward in which voters could put 2 fingers up at the establish political system a vote for a real change, this win would insure a mass election of Anti cuts councillors at the main local elections in 2014, the Vote we secured in Ladywell and Bellingham, insured we have more party activists and community campaigners in place as never before. The real Winners in white foot will be the Anti cuts movement that will be able to use this as a spring board to build a strong power base in this part of Lewisham which is our weakest area, ready for the main local elections in 2014. I still hope and pray that we do not see another Lib Dem, or yet another Labour Councillor... With 3 Labour MPs, a Labour Mayor and wall to wall Labour Councillors, do Whitefoot residents really need another another yes party person who will take the party line above the best interests of the voters? Lewisham Council needs another Labour Councillor as much as you would need a whole in the head. For details, or to join People before Profit teams helping to get Community activist elected in this ward, please go to Lewisham People before Profit website to get involved.
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