Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Could People Before Profit discover of old Law save the NHS? Read up and give us your thoughts.

  • I've set up a new Twitter account for People before Profit which I hope we can use, and use both as a communication device with other people (particularly those young people who are up on their technology) and a news source. I think a good strategy for this would be to manage it with a focus on motions and actions which have been discussed and decided upon - making sure it's a clear and strong message for followers. That, and links to the many interesting and thought-provoking articles which people mention. So, three points to this:
    • Clear point of access for the twitterati who can find us @LPb4P - I think it would be really worthwhile if we can build this @LPb4P into any of our printed material from now on.
    • Place to announce our news - manifesto launch, actions, statements etc.
    • News source for relevant news stories from other sources - e.g. the above link about Odious Debt or anything else we find interesting (lamp posts/columns privatisation!)
  • With the new twitter we also needed a new email address, so I've set up Lewishampeoplebeforeprofit@gmail.com for functional purposes. Not that google is an ideal organisation or anything! If this second email is any help let me know and I can provide the login details, at the moment it's just plugged into the social media.
  • I've also set up a basic Facebook page for now which can be found by searching for 'Lewisham People Before Profit' or visiting https://www.facebook.com/LPb4P/ . I've added one post on there just as a sample of what we might want to put on there, in addition to our own news and updates.
    •  I think facebook might be one area where we want to focus on a simplified message, and links to articles which will be really, directly, educational or are perfect, outrageous examples, of what we are standing against. Again, with our marketing (especially for youngsters if we're going to follow this) it'd be important to add 'find us on Facebook by searching for 'Lewisham People before Profit'.
    • Facebook is also linked into twitter so that we don't have to worry about updating it especially if we're all busy! Again, to make sure we're not just constantly updating (and annoying folk !) we should make sure out twitter account is good quality news and updates.
Twitter access: lewishampeoplebeforeprofit@gmail.com
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