Tuesday, 8 October 2013

National Day of protest November 5th, What will you be doing? Why not Join People Before Profit action in London?

Dear Editor 
                      November 5th will see largest number of direct actions across the Uk on a single day.
Organised by community groups, NHS campaigns, pensioners groups, Peoples Assembly and in London People Before Profit.
As labour continues to fail the low paid, poor disabled  and elderly, it has been left to the community to fight our battles, calling for energy and transport to be renationalised to end the rising prices & green and profit agenda.
Events will see groups highlight devastation to the NHS from privatisation and both Labour and Tory PFI deals bleeding the NHS dry. payday loan and betting shops who pay no UK tax litter our streets and with acres of Tesco Metro stores seem to be the only option to regeneration as offered by our Labour councils, instead of PB4P agenda of more Credit Unions, Green enterprise zones and Business rate relieve for small companies supporting the local community, Our Much loved  Libraries, Post Office & Fire stations, being closed down or  sold off to the privatisation agenda putting greed before people .
We will also be holding a fixed time in which people can come out onto the street to bang pots and pans , groups and residents wanting to get involved can go to our website; www.peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk Or Contact John Hamilton on 0707986 998172  for what is going on in your street and for readers to target their own direct actions, such as opposing bed tax, calling for homes to be built to address the London housing crises, not as at present 40% sold offshore.
Targeting companies happy to pay no wages on workfare or zero hour contracts giving multi nationals who pay no uk Tax Cheap Labour  to boost profits and giving an unfair advantage to small local busines who do pay tax and fair pay..
After all Welfare to low paid is a tax payer subsidy to big business.
Ray Woolford
 London People Before Profit

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