Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Lewisham Hospital Victory Oct 2013 but we are still under treat. read on..

The Courts may have awarded a further win to Save our Hospital campaign, but behind the scenes much is going on and People before Profit will as always seek to push forward on the protection of the NHS under risk from both this Goverment and the Labour party, who by signing the PFI contracts for Greenwich and Bromley Hospitals lead to the closure of the area health trust.
From day one the Labour party have sort hard to bury there role in the PFI scandle and to keep it of the agenda, but as people befiore profit have been such a major part iof the Hospital campaign, we have been able to defeat the objection and win support to insure PFI is not forgotton, whilst accepting that the Hospital campaign is a cross party group we have chosen to work with Labour and other groups for the best interests of the NHS and our Hospital.
This weeks court win, is as always not as straight forward as media and Labour would have you believe, the Goverment have stated they will change the law, whilst it beggers believe that throughout the entire campaign the Labour party never once promised that should they win in 2015, they would have scrapped the closure plans, so clearlyy the Hospital is no safer with Labour than it is with the present Goverment.
As you read this Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich have negotiated a merger. The new Trust will inherit all of QEHs PFI liabilities. the initial capital cost of the PFI project at QEH was £91m; £295m has already been paid yet the unitary payments between now and the end of the contract amount to a further ?£713m. It is only a matter of time before those debts lead to the cuttinmg of whole departments at Lewisham Hospital or QEH or both, selling off land and leaving local residents in deswperate need.
People Before Profit believes that all PFI contracts should bev annullied or renegotiated.The only long-term solution for Lewisham and elsewhere is a major campaign against those companies and banks which are growing rich on peoples misery.
But the Labour Party turned out in force at a public meeting of Save Lewisham Hospital campaign to push through the idea that the goverment should give MORE public money to help pay the bankers! Remember , it was Labour who forced hospitals to use PFI in the first place, a policy which they have never apologised for or disputed, and Labour which embraced privatisation and outsourcing of services. It is this dangerous legacy which makes us question how far them NHS will be any safer in Labour hands.
People Before profit does not support a merger and transfer of the Debt from Greenwich which puts Lewisham in to Debt and at further risk. We oppose the whole Privatisation agenda of the NHS and are not afraid to remind people of the last Labour Goverments record on Public sector, we support the whole of the NHS and will not keep quiet to save 1 hospital while hundreds more facwe cuts and closure, the Labour party by seeking to mislead the public about its riole in this scandle aqnd the fact it is committed to carry on the Tory privatisation and cuts agenda once as expected it wins in 2015. Lewisham residents are justly angry with the way Labour have hijacked the Hospital campaign for political advantage we trust in our fellow residents to see through this and in 2014 we will be putting forward People before Profit Council, candidates across every ward in Lewisham and supporting fellow anti privatisation and cuts candidates standing across London in 2015 Local elections.Labour is just another branch of the establishment with only more cuts and more privatisation. More Info on ;
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