Tuesday, 7 January 2014

BBC Question time from Lewisham Jan 9th the Night Lewisham Community briefly lead agenda as BBC lost control .

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BBC Question Time from Lewisham from the start was not going to go as the BBC would like. A large crowd of concerned local residents not just from People Before Profit and the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign, but Tusc and Peoples Assembly Keep our NHS public and angry but regular residents concerned about cuts and privatisation under this Goverment.
People before Profit had organised a question sheet to insure the NHS was top of the agenda, no one had ever thought to seek to lead the debate in this way before and the BBC were caught of guard, moving past security i was able to hand out our question sheet that by saying welcome to question time, Staff thought i was part of the team, and i was also able to get people to sign our Petition calling for SERCO not to win the Lewisham hospital contract more on www,peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk siter please sign, re blog and tweet.
Louise from SLH had her leaflets taken of her by security so PBP got lucky.
Once in the fast holding area we were all given post cards to write questions we again insured most postcards returned mentioned the NHS as David came out to speak before going into the recording studio we were asked questions, and i asked how much time would be given over to Lewisham Hospital. None..we were told. BBC does not want to talk about it, we did this last time in Lewisham he said.
Going into the studio we had a warm up talking about fat foods and sugar and then we were told who had been selected to ask the carefully fetted questions, with no one from our group chosen to speak,this became a free for all with each of us putting up hands until being called. Helen Mercer People Before Profit Council candidate for Ladywell Ward was able to go for the first kill, saying we should be targeting tax Aviodence and not the poor whilst highlighting cuts to Fire Stations and Librarys, as she was about to move onto Hospital David saw this coming and cut her dead.Later as show progeressed we all were desperate to raise the Hospital, the BBC was determined not to allow and then Mariylin got the chance, somethimes the unexpected can change thinhgs and Marylin just went for the panel on Privatisation  and Cuts and in defense of our NHS as neverv seen before on Question time. David kept saying we are not going to talk about Lewisham people watchingb are notbInterested, but on wards and upwards, like a dog with a bone Marilyn kept on insuring that the panel was so worked up that all they coukld talk about was Lewisham Hospital . For the first time ever on BBC Question time the BBC thanks to Lewisham awesome people lead the agenda as for a few short minutes against wishes of the BBC we were leading the national media agenda which was trending in seconds on Twitter and other social media.
A night never to forget when you realise how hard this was to pull off. Yes i would like to have spoken as others would but we did the unthinkable fior a short period Lewisdham not the BBC had control of the agenda.
Lets now get www.peoplebeforeprofit.org.uk councillors elected in May. Join us sign our Hospital petition at our website.
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 New Cross Ward People Before Profit Candidates Barbara Raymond and Clive
 The Huge number of protestors on the steps of the BBC question time lobby with Evelyn ward PB4P candidate George Hallam Partner to Awesome Helen Mercer.
The Question sheet sneeked into BBC QT studio and given to every one in studio to influence debate
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