Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lewisham Planning / Development update

A letter from Brian Regan. 
CTCLP has been withdrawn pending a review of the long standing proposal to relocate the South Circular (A205) to the rear of Laurence House.  TfL want to review it.
The withdrawal means that the content of the CTCLP submission version will not be used to determine planning applications.
Work on the CTCLP is expected to resume later this year once TfL's study has been carried out.
FAQs giving more details on:

Updates on other Local Plans including Lewisham Town Centre Local Plan (LTCLP) is available on:

Questions by phone to Planning Service on 020 8314 7400 will be fighting to put community interests first in Mays local elections. whilst Labour will caqrry on supportinmg developers and betting shop owners until we get elected Councillors to stop this abuse.
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