Monday, 13 January 2014

Work fare in Lewisham / A hacked of story

It seems that this May will be a very dirty election the posting that was on this posting  has been removed, after i only became aware of it after a statement concerning its content being made public by TUSC.
I have always supported TUSC and during my time living in Telegraph hill ward was proud to support, Vote,and donate to Ian and the team.
I have never been critical of Tusc or the Socialist group and my Twitter and Blog have been consistant on  this.
Hacking into a blog is not hard and this is not the first time my blog and my personel email account have been hacked.
Lewisham People Before Profit has chosen only to put forward 1 candidate in Telegraph hill ward to insure Tusc have the best chance of winning these 2 other seats, as our Candidate John Hamilton has worked almost 24 Hours a day none stop for the people of Lewisham and is best placed to unseat Labour who oppose,  but in reality are carrying out the Conservastive Goverment policy agenda, and must be defeated.
As a party PBP have tried long and hard to get agreement on working together over the seats issue.
It is clear that a number of people have very real concerns that People Before Profit are set for a major political breakthrough in 2014 local elections something not everyone is happy with and the reality that electing Councillors opposed to Cuts and Privatisation  could upset the cosy establishment set up within Lewisham Council.
 Hacking into my blog is one of a number of dirty smear tactics presently doing ther rounds, that surfaced the last time i was a local candidate, after 4 years of hard community work and campaigns it seems some will seek to do what ever it takes to smear, lie or cheat to get what they want.
I am lucky i live in Lewisham, were people judge people on what they do.

Ray Woolford

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