Friday, 31 January 2014

Lewisham Labour council more examples of Labour Wasting our cash!

 would like to bring to your attention an interesting website:  Click on this link.

You will find information pertaining to Lewisham Council and the pilfering away of tax payers money.

Lewisham Council have spent in excess of £700,000 of tax payers money battling a former employee (who is also a bankrupt), in the Tribunal and High Court for 2 years, (with no hope of ever recouping any costs), and defending a catalogue of lies told by its managers about the former employee. The High Court case was not allowed to proceed and Lewisham Council was awarded costs, but it is not pursuing those costs, (surprise, surprise)!

Lewisham Council is refusing to reveal how much money it spent defending the High Court defamation case brought by its former employee.
Please refer to the website, where a freedom of information request for this information was refused. In the search bar, just type in 'London Borough of Lewisham legal fees'.

‘A public authority can only withhold the information if the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosure’- Information Commissioner’s Office (2012) The public interest test, p2.

No doubt Lewisham Council does not want Tax payers to know how much of their money was actually wasted on this case!
Is this Lewisham Council's idea of transparency and accountability?

Kind regards

Concerned tax payer
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