Thursday, 26 May 2011

Deptford High Street Planning Update on Betting Shop

Done Brothers ( Cash Betting ltd) have submitted an appeal against the Councils refusal to give planning permission for the 13th Betting shop on the high street. i would ask every one to email Mrs Ruth Howell Reference APP/C5690/A/11/2151228/nwf to; You should state that you support Lewisham Councils Objections to yet another Betting shop on the Following Grounds;
1/ It is not in Keeping with the Councils planning proposals for deptford high street,. which seeks to insure that the high street reflects a broad range of trades and is not taken over just by Betting Shops.
2/ Betting shops have a very negative impact on the Enviorment, in this very poor part of London, Betting shops encourage people to spend money they do not have.
3/ We have real conserns with the huge number of Betting shopss already in the area, these it is reoported are leading to further Drink related issuesw, break up of family units, due to the debt.
4/ Undermines the Quality of life for local residents and has negative impact on the large number of primary school children who attend schools close to this betting shop.
5/ The Goverment says that it supports Localism and residents choice, As Local residents, we do not wish to see yet another betting shop and the negative impact it has in our area on our quality of our Live, we therefore ask that you uphold the Objection made by Lewisham Council due to the huge number of Objections from Parents, Schools, Communty Groups, The Police and Local traders.

You may wish to odd other reasons. Please get every one you can to Email objections before 6th June.Thanks to a huge amount of work putb into this by Lewisham People Before Profit, advising the Planning Committee with grounds to Objecty, we did win the Support of the Council, we need to build on this and put forward huge Pressure to insure this Betting shop does not win on appeal.
Last date fopr objections is Thursday 9th June 2011...
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