Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lewisham Save our Library Campaign Demo at Ministry and Downing Street

Great to see Blackheath Library, and New Cross Library campaign well supported by Lewisham residents as we presented a petition to the Goverment with 25.000 signatures, the largest ever seen in Lewisham. We are still in the dark as to why the Goverment Minister has not called in Lewisham Council, who are clearly cutting front line services to gain political advantage. At a public meeting in New Cross this week, 2 woman present seeking to being yet another group of people seeking to take over New Cross Library, had to be told that all 5 Labour Councilors supporting there campaign, had all voted in Council to close the Library, Only Darren Johnson for the Greens had voted to save our Libraries. Clearly Labour are doing a great job in misleading the public, after all, the mess we are in, is caused by 13 years of Labour Greed and mismanigment and a Goverment who ignored conserns, and failed to regulate the financial Sector. As we presented our Petition to number 10.The papers are reporting, we are giving, £4.3 Billion pounds to bail out yet another European country, we are not even in the Euro.. so clearly the Goverment is awash with cash, as Lewisham is, but it is how you spend it. Lewisham Spent £6.5 million pounds last year on Consultants fees,Council own figures not mine... New Cross Library just needs £108.000 per year. Lets hope Voters reward Labour for there neglect of the poor at the next Elections. New Labour would still be making the Cuts that the Torys have in Place, is it any wonder Lewisham People before profit is growing as a true political voice and campaigning group across the UK, with World wide media interest, in our Campaigns to put Community need before private greed...
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