Saturday, 14 May 2011

Lewisham Libraries Update

After a huge campaign to stop the closure of 5 lewisham Libraries, Lewisham's rotten Labour council has said it will not cut the wages of highly paid staff in the council as proposed by Lewisham People Before Profit.

The proposal we put forward would have saved £1.2 million on Labour Lewisham's own figures. But Labour is clearly seeking to use front line services for political advantage, and to hell with the residents it was elected to serve...

....The Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance & Lewisham People Before Profit are opposed to the privatisation of library services. They in a statement say:

"We are opposed to any changes that will lead to making librarians redundant or the worsening of their terms and conditions, restrictions on library space and the availability of books...

...Lewisham Council has a responsibility to provide a publicly funded library service for local residents; making their survival dependent on the success or failure of business or charities is a risky move."

At the Lewisham People Before Profit meeting on Monday, it was agreed to set up a seperate Library campaign group to oversee all library campaigns, support a legal challenge and give support to other library campaigns. It was felt the importance of the issue deserved a seperate working group, open to all who wish to take part, who will then report backs to LPBP at the general meetings.

We have been alarmed to discover that local people on benefit will be expected to work for these private companies and concerns.

Demonstate Next Wednesday 18th May at 10am outside Lewisham Town Hall Catford and at 12 noon we will be organising a demo outside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in Cockspur Street, Off Trafalgar Square.
Bring Home made banners, we have a stunt planned and some members will be able to go to Number 10.

As I write this, a Goverment Minister has called in the Isle of Wight Council leader to explain plans to close libraries.. The fight goes on..

If you can, please join the working party, come on the demo, or join the hard working community groups fighting across Lewisham to save services and oppose the cuts.

In Lewisham we need to fight our Labour council, who clearly no longer represent the people they are elected to serve.

...In other news, the Hardest Hit march saw thousands of disabled people and their supporters march through London. This was woefully underreported by every newspaper except the Guardian.

Why is this??

Are disabled people not attractive enough to be featured on TV? Or does our media feel uncomfortable with the fact the cuts will further eradicate the quality of life of these venerable members of our community..the lack of coverage shames us all...
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