Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Tidemills Update.. School Acadamy Head Resigns

In a shock move the Head of the Tidemills School in Deptford London, has resigned, just as he, and a handful of Governors have passed with just 3 votes, and no parent ballot, or parents say on the issue, a fresh application for Academy status. Tidemills is not a failing School, Ofstead rated it as a very good school.Lewisham People Before profit and all the Community groups in the area launched a major campaign to back parents in opposition to privatisation of the school, just before the last vote. Labour Lewisham and MP Joan Ruddock backed the campaign, to say no. The Governors voted 5 against 8 for, But a legal challenged was launched and won. We should all be very concerned that parents had no say, dispite Goverment saying Parents should always be consulted and have a voice. This was clearly not the case. The Tidemills School campaign is still fighting to keep the school in Council control, as most parents and all community groups wish. I wonder how a school can go forward as an acadamy,For a second time,. with such huge local objection, when the Guy who launced the idea , has said he is of to a better job in Croydon...If the School realy think this is such a great idea, every parent should be given a vote, Their children depend on it.The Chair of Governors, has stated if the Governors are split on the issue, they will not go ahead, so even at this level, 5 against 8 for, the idea must be dropped.
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