Monday, 23 May 2011

Lewisham Councils £4million Cash Cow

Lewisham Council constanly states it has no cash, and yet last Thursday at the open consultation meeting on plans for the Cannon Wharf Business development site on Evelyn street Deptford. i was told, whilst raising conserns about the development for Lewisham People before profit, that they were giving Lewisham Council a staggering £4 million pounds cash, plus Money for a bus service, of which local residents will not get any discopunt, but the bus company will do very well out of, and further money towards Education. In exchange the developers say they cannot make enough profit to give more than 20% affordable homes. The Councils own Housing plan states all developers must offer 35% but idealy 50%, But Lewisham Council has agreed on the Oxstalls Evelyn Street site in exchange for a further multi million pound kick back in 106 money, to reduce affordable home levels to less than 18%.The Fact Deptford and New Cross are seeing the worst of the Cuts, New Cross Library is the only one set to totally close, whilst the area is turning into a rich Cash cow for Labours Lewisham Masters, is not just a local Scandle, it is national one, as it clearly shows the Labour party is using the cuts for political advantage, expecting that local residents, will vote on mass for Labour, thinking these cuts are about the Conservatives, When the scale of the money developers are paying Lewisham could save and improve services.
We at lewisham People Before Profit, will under the freedom of information act will follow this money and demand that Lewisham Council spends this money as it is set up for, as Community funding, not for the wages of the Mayor or to cover waste and mismanagement.
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