Friday, 23 August 2013

ATOS Welfare Sanctions and total abuse of the welfare aims and objectives. Media Ignoring ATOS neglect of duty

It is an International scandle that the poorest people in the uk are totally dependent on income from ATOS a private company paid fast sums of public tax payers money not to pay out welfare payments.
At the We Care Food bank and the Deptford advice centre run by People before Profit supporters we are disgusted at the numbers of disabled who even with sick notes from Doctors and Hospital consultants are having payments stopped for months at a time. One client unable to walk with a 10 year old Daughter had her money stopped on 28 December as she was expected to go to ATOS in Wembley for a medical test, even though she was unable to walk and had letters from Hospital and Doctors ATOS stopped her payments, last month due to the fact she is disabled and with no income her 10 year old daughter has been taken into care because she having no money, is unable to feed her child. I have spent 3 days almost constantly on the phones seeking to sort this. you will be stunned but i fear not surprised to discover that ATOS have sent her Hospital and doctors reports to own medical team for assesment, i was alarmed to discover that there is no time frame, ATOS can respond when ever. This is a total scandle, at every level of Goverment officials must respond within a given/set time frame, except if you are ATOS and dealing with the people at the very bottom. Getting no luck from ATOS, i contacted Belfast for emergency hardship payment, but this was refused on grounds, as she had not been approved for welfare from ATOs she could not get a hardship loan until approved , almost 8 months with no money to buy food, transport costs, bills or rent as all are linked.ATOS still refuse to confirm when or what they will do with her case. I have this week sort to get a further appointment with ATOS has this woman is so desperate and hope to get a date, the great people at People Before Profit will pay for a private ambulance to carry her from her sick bed to wembley to prove as per Hospital Consultants and Doctors have stated she is to sick to work. We have set up 2 days a week when she can see her Daughter whilst this scandle goes on unreported by main stream media and neglected by a Labour Party to scared to be seen as a party of the POOR for fear of losing votes to UKIP.

 How have we got to this position? I have so many people like this i am helping through the We Care food Bank and Advice Centre on New Cross Road Deptford that it takes all my time. We have no public funding and depending on our charity shop and Housemartins to pay our huge costs, i have today launched a new campaign group on Linkedin called We Care Food Bank Independent network to link all groups dealing with this sector to form a national network campaign across the globe to raise public awareness and to lobby Goverments on impact of policy on poor and Disabled.
Would welcome you to join the Network at Linkedin;

 You can follow me on twitter @Raywoolford

You can make a donation to help with our work at the Co-Op bank Lewisham ; We Care Food Banks account; Sort Code 08 92 99 Account number 65659328

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