Friday, 23 August 2013

Lewisham Hospital Update & Minister HUNT abuse of Tax payers cash to fight the people & the court ruling

I am not alone in being shocked at the depths this Goverment will go to do what it wants and to hell with the people it is elected to serve.
This week Health Minister  Hunt has put in an appeal using tax payers money in the hope he can fight the people of lewisham and the Courts which stated he and his Goverment had acted unlawfully with the plans for closure at Lewisham Hospital.
Lewisham residents raised the money to fight our case in the court, pensioners and the homeless giving what little they had, whilst this Goverment will have unlimited amounts of our cash to take us to the cleaners, and do not think Labour is any better in this saga, it was the Labour PFI deals signed  during the last Labour Goverment that lead to the area health trust going bust. Labour fought hard to keep this quiet, but whilst at the start of the Save the Hospital Campaign People Before Profit was out voted , as the months have gone on People before Profit and our opposition to PFI deals and its impact of this on the NHS has started to win through and our party members have played a very large part in this amazing community campaign the people will fight on, we will win this campaign.
Labour voters may wish to ask there Labour MP and local Labour Councillors why the Labour Party refuse tom promise that if they win in 2015, they would scrap these closure plans, this would lead to the saving of the Hospital, but last weekm Shadow Labour Health Minister said that Labour would make MORe cuts to welfare than the Conservatives and WOULD not save Lewisham Hospital.
In 2014 it is almost certain that candidates will run against Labour on a Save our Hospital Ticket, If Labour Voters support People Before Profit and the Save our Hospital candidates and beat Labour, Labour MPs will be under huge pressure to back the Hospital with a pledge to save it in Goverment. If Labour Party still refuse to back Save our Hospital Louise Irvine Chair of save Lewisham Hospital campaign will come under huge pressure to stand for the Deptford Westminster seat, with other key Hospital Campaigners going for Heidi and Jims Lewisham East and West Seats.
Such is the Anger at Labour and Conservative plans for Privatisation and Cuts to the NHS, Lewisham Could break the political Mold, sending People Before profit People into run the Council, and 3 Save our Hospital MPS to Westminster to oppose privatisation and to show all 3 politrical groups that to close will lead to local Hospital Campaigners evicted them from Westminster on public love for the NHS and anger at Establishment robbery.

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Please sign the number 10 petition calling for ban on PFI deals on PB4Pm website and tweet, Blog widely thank you.

Next People Before Profit Meeting Monday 2 September at 7.15pm Sayers Court tenants hall Evelyn Street Deptford. All welcome.

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