Monday, 12 August 2013

People Before Profit UK party Conference Sat 21 September 2013 12-5pm every one welcome

Lewisham will host this years UK People before Profit party conference in New Cross London on Saturday 21 September .
The aim is to revue party policy and our manifesto which can be read on our

People before Profit is fighting more local council seats in 2014 Local elections than ever before and have an exceptional range of community activists running for the Council on a none privatisation and no cuts to front line services agenda as we seek to be almost old fashioned in seeking to elect local residents to serve the people  not the big business interests or developers as presently is the case by Labour and Tory Councils who seem to forget they elected to serve voters interests above all else.
With rise of food Banks, PFI contracts, zero hours contracts an ever growing housing crises for low paid and front line services always being  cut before Consultant fees, People before profit will be a truly amazing alternative, as resently as March PBP secured more votes than Lib Dems. UKIP and the Tory combined moving up from 5th place at the last local elections to 2nd to Labour in Evelyn Ward Deptford in March.
We have a huge team working tirelessly to win our target seats in 2014 and hope to see more people put themselfs forward across the UK.
Our Party Conference will not just be about policy, but will we hope be a bridge head to other community based groups across the UK unhappy with the political establishment as is, and are seeking to run an alternative. This Conference will therefore be ideal meeting to come or send a delegation, although only party members can vote.
Please express interest in attendence via the People Before Profit UK website.
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