Friday, 16 August 2013

Diary of a food Bank worker 3. August 2013.

Whilst we continue to see ever increasing numbers of people and pets come through our charitie shop doors for the We Care food bank with around 1000 food parcels given out every month, it makes my blood boil the number of times shop and food bank helpers get handbags and personal phones stolen, these are amazing people doing a horrible job in difficult times and they do not and should not be victims of crime, last week we had 2 newly donated televisions stolen, we sell funiture cloths books and bric brac and alm ost everything you could need, at very low prices and give stuff to people in real need .
Our advice centre is seeing huge number of evictions caused by the new housing cap, Landlords are evicting  tenants only to aware that due to cuts to legal aid, people on low income cannot afford the £80 it costs to defend an illegal eviction, at the food Bank we are giving £80 a time to help fight this injustice, but have to wait months until a court date and winning back our £80.
We get no public money and this project is costing a fortune. thankfully Housemartins Estate Agents bail us out every week and pay our bills as being in a poor area our donations are tiny for the huge numbers we help.
The advice centre is open 11-2pm 6 days a week and works by appointment, this week i worked a solid week beyound these hours to keep on top of the work load whilst seeking to hold together my own full time job, help from people with skills of case work would be a huge help, it is extremly rewarding to help people and to be fighting both Goverment and in Lewisham our very badly run labour council.
Channel 4 has 2 film projects on the go and is looking for people on Zero hours contracts to be willing to talk about it on/off screen please email or tweet me.
Much media coverage has been about the blog A girl called Jack who can make a meal for 29pence, whilst it is amazing she can do this, i am worried that Goverment will use this as yet another example of people being given to much benefit when these examples show people can live on a 29 pence meal. we cannot trust either our present Goverment or the Labour party. thank goodness in south London we have People before Profit fighting the local elections in 2014.
The We Care food bank feeds any one in need of Food aid that lives anywhere in Greenwich or Lewisham Borough.
We are open 11-2 Monday to Saturday and you need prove of address plus if you can afford it a £1,
467 New Crossc Road Deptford SE14 6TA . 0207 231 0535 9am-2pm Monday to Saturday.

Can you Sponsor a cloths rail? A rail costs just £35. but when full of donated cloths can produce £1000 a year to pay towards our amazing work, how many times do you give money with no ideac what happens to it? this Donation of just £35 brings money every week into the food bank going a massive way further than £35 given to anyone else if you can donate a small monthly amount via your bank this would be a huge help.
We Care food Bank, bank with the Co-Op
Sort code 08 92 99
Account number 65659328
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