Wednesday, 18 July 2012

3000 Blog readers & rising

Dear readers, We have come along way, since i first started putting a few stories on line and expressing my anger and concerns at the way local people have been ignored and opposed upon by our elected Labour party leadership in Lewisham. I never expected to see People before profit grow as fast as it has. In Ireland 2 MPs have been elected and 12 local Councillors, in Lewisham we have won a huge number of campaigns, before we have secured a single election victory, but seeing more and more people from all the main political parties, as well as the huge number of local residents, who never voted before joing and voting people before profit has been a real positive part of being a community activist, our need and the fights ahead are so important and having an election mandate like the 7000 who voted for Barbara raymond as our People before candidate in the London GLA elections, was key in forcing the Council to do a huge u-turn on housing. for once voting in Lewisham and Greenwich truly made a difference, and i cannot thank every one for the lift it has given our group. The huge numbers of people reading my blog from the Dozen or so 2 years ago, has also changed, i have at last discovered how to use my blog and how to read the stats, face book and twitter is a media i have still to get to grips with, but i hope that the huge amount of work we do in Lewisham inspires you were ever you are to get active, to seek out the real news, and to think for yourself, over the past year people have been reading my Blog from USA, Russia, Iraq and the other 4 corners of the world, it seems People before profits message goes far beyound Lewisham, and i hope next year we are seeing my 3000 regular followers increase to 10.000, and that we have elected People before profit members across the UK, with other groups forming across the world..
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