Thursday, 12 July 2012

Olympics the Alternative view

Whose Games? whose City? With so much hype, it would be difficult to think, that some members of the public would have a different view of the Olympic games, and its impact on London, as well as whose interests it serves. Already real consern has been raised about installing missle sites on Council homes with Families and children, as well as the real Agenda of putting a missile site on Blackheath Common, here in Lewisham .Other clear conscerns arev the Sponsors. Is it really exceptable that a company can buy its way into the Olympics reguardless of its negative impact of residents health, or the impact on the way it contacts its business in other countries. At the last People before profit meeting in London, we had a Speaker from Counter Olympics, who kept a packed meeting gripped withy what has been going on. Read the website; Join the demo; 12 noon Saturday 28th July, at mile end Park, Nearest tube Mile end. March to Victoria Park for.....Peoples Games for All.
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