Saturday, 21 July 2012

Paul Tecklenberg Curator at Hartes Lane Studios New cross

One of the most positive creative aspects of People before Profit, has been the way in which the areas huge artistic community have taken to the former Garage on Hartes lane just behind TK maxx and Sainsburys in New Cross. The regular gallery as it has become since we occupied it to bring a run down building back into community use has been a huge success and popular across London with people from all walks of life take part and really getting enjoyment from this free space. We are presently consulting all local residents as to what they think about the use of an empty building into a Gallery and Music space, as well as encouraging any local resident to use for free community events. In September we will see the space used and open to every resident to display their own art work at our major exhibition, so contact the Gallery to take part. Paul Tecklenberg is the curator for a new show at the Gallery on Sunday 22 July from 12-5. Called .. UNITED.. The show will be as amazing as ever bringing together Artists who use units in their work. This Could be a Tablet,Block,Label, Tile Bottle or even a Bird Box. This show will also have live music, from the roof whilst the street becomes a great party. Bring a picnic, bring your friends, this is a wonderful free event,that you do not have to be a supporter or member of People before profit to enjoy.
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