Friday, 13 July 2012

Mill Wall and Surrey Canal development plans

The South London Press today has huge heading...£1BN rescue, then goes on to rave about the new plans to Develop the area with 15 Tower blocks and which is discribed by its developer... Mr Mushtag Malik as a Gold mine, with more bums on seats at the football ground this will mean more crowds and more cash.. the virtuous circle every club dreams about. his words not mine. As a seasoned campaigner on planning issues, i have yet to see or hear about a single local resident who has secured any sort of job, on any of the new developments that presently blight much of Lewisham, or a single local resident who has been able to buy any off the affordable units for sale, whilst it is a fact that New developments in Deptford have lead to artists and established businesses large and small being priced out of the area, only to be replaced by Tesco Metro, Betting shops or empty units at rents that would not be out of place in the West End. People before profit, except that developers will secure planning permmission what ever we say or do, but it is in our view a just campaign to ask that all developers by law should train local residents with the long term skills a development of this size requires over the 13 years it will take to build. We also want to see the roofs used to generate free or low cost fuel and energy for the use of all local residents, whilst we should have a real vision and long term view to develop the commercial space, not into further empty shops, but commercial units sustaining green and long term skilled work, with opportunities for all, Whilst the Social sector housing should reflect local Housing need, Homes for the Elderly, people with disabililty and families in chronic over crowding, Whilst the Community aspect should include a primary and Secondary school, Health care and more provision for the young and the Old, as well as a much needed green space that improves the wild life habitat and the quality of life for us all. Under our proposals, you would see a Community a space that was open to all, and real long term jobs for years to come. This developer clearly sees a huge profit with next to no community benifit... Labour Lewisham, loves the idea of turning ever more lewisham Land into towers of steel and cement with a faceless community that get on and off a train on the way to and from work, and take no part in the wider community, a bit like SE8 in Deptford, a development that has huge numbers of people living just 200 yards from the High street, but when i carried out a survey of residents, i could not find a single tenant who said they had ever been. I have today sent a letter to the South London press raising my points. on Saturday i am at yet another open day on Convoy Wharf. What we truly need is Lewisham residents to start Voting people before profit candidates, who will put Community need before private greed and who will always put the local long term residential, interests first. Clearly the Labour Party is the Party of Big Business and to hell with the voters. Wake up Lewisham, whilst you still can aford to live here.. Are you aware that Lewisham has seen the highest rent increases in the UK. Why? New regeneration attracts richer people who can pay more, forcing up Council and Private sector rents, and pushing out the very people that makes living here so good.
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