Monday, 16 July 2012

Convoy Wharf Consultation 15 july

Yet another consultation on Convoy wharf. The good news was to see the planned model of the Lennox included in the model, which is a fantastic proposal to build the last great ship in Deptford as a major tourist attraction and a proposal that will generate real long term skilled jobs. The Developers have made it difficult for themselfs to go back on this, and it will look very odd to put forward a planning application without the proposal. People before profit has always had a clear vision for the site and has put Jobs, housing locals need,green energy and long term jobs at the core of any request for support. Joan Ruddock was present, clearly she under huge pressure so is listerning to residents concerns, unlike the 12 plus Labour Councillors whos wards include New Cross/Deptford as part of the ward border. Next Meeting will be September when a much firmer proposal will be in place. Talking to staff, they would like to start building in 2013. So guys, get our residents on training today, for the skilled Labour at all levels you will need over the next 13 plus years. Lewisham College can offer the training, You have the empty Wharehouse that cannot be knocked down, but this would make the perfect jobs hub.
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