Thursday, 5 July 2012

Homeless being deported to Yorkshire. London is becoming a Set ftrom a Sci/fi movie

What does it take to force our main political leaders to admit that the answer to our Housing and jobs crises, is a major Capital house building programme of new Council housing?. I do not think i am alone in being disgusted at the way poor people are being uprooted and moved around the Country like seasonal veg going to market. After seeing the distressing sight of people being forced out from Kensington and Chelsea to Dagenham. Dispite having familie links to the borough going back generations. It seems that it counts for little these days, and the people that have been born and bred are being priced out and carted off to Dagenham, an area with no family, job, or friend connections. In todays paper, Croydon is forcing families to move to Yorkshire, Hull and anywhere else that they can can force people to move. Whilst all this is going on, i note that a new flat has come to market in the City for sale, The Affordable housing price tag is a breath taking £705.000, this will come with a tax advantage, but how, this can in any ones mind be seen as Affordable Social housing is yet a further example of how Housing is being used in London, to clear the streets of working class people. With Missile sights on London Council blocks and more Soldiers on the streets than fighting in the Middle east. It seems it is only a matter of time before London becomes the real posh city from a science fiction movie.. People of London wake up, and challenge what you are being told, and what is going on.
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