Friday, 19 July 2013

New Cross Community Council Updates and Meetings and contact details.

Subject: NX Community Survey Update + NCIA in NX this monday, NXCF facebook and party in the park 14 sept fordham park
If you don't want to get these emails please reply to say so, this list has been cobbled together from loads of sources over a long time and there's a good chance that some people on it don't really want to be. Sorry if that's the case, but please let me know if it is.
We are now ready to move on to the next stage of more in depth interviews for the Community Survey having done a good number of street interviews. We are preparing funding applications, so we can start to reward both interviewers and interviewees (probably with vouchers or similar) and more. If you're interested in either helping with funding applications or being involved in designing or running interviews, please email me as i'll only be posting very occasional updates on this list.
Please join New Cross Community Forum Facebook group, and encourage any of your friends who use Facebook and live, work, study in (or care about) the area to join too -
Also coming this Monday:
Here We Stand: NCIA Inquiry into Local Activism & Dissent
What does this mean for you?
Venue: 170 Community Project, 170 New Cross Road, SE14
Date & Timing: 22 July 2013 7-9 pm (networking and refreshments from 6.30 pm)
• Presentation of report findings
• Critical response to report from local practitioners
• Open debate and discussion – ways forward
Background to the report
The National Coalition for Independent Action (NCIA) is an alliance of individuals and groups who have come together to assert the right of people to act collectively and independently from Government and other powerful political, business and financial interests. The NCIA Inquiry was to find out the different forms of activism for social justice which were springing up locally, especially in the current circumstances of austerity and cuts; and the different models of radical support - the ‘back office’ for activism. NCIA wanted to hear from people how they go about changing the world locally or safeguarding what is important to them. To know how NCIA might encourage more forms of independent action, to be part of it and to make connections for future relationships, alliances and actions. We were joined in the Inquiry by the Community Audit and Evaluation Centre of Manchester Metropolitan University.
The questions we have
The Inquiry was undertaken to answer two essentially political questions:
Where can resistance and alternatives to injustice be found?
Where are the homes for such action?
For the purposes of this Inquiry, we were interested in independent voluntary action to safeguard
equitable arrangements, to challenge and change public policies or practices, spending
decisions or commercial practices that unfairly disadvantage people, perpetuate inequality and
discrimination, or fragment and undermine communities. Our interests therefore lie in political
advocacy, direct action and individual advocacy if it aims to change the root causes which create
individual problems; and in support which provides for challenge and change.
To access the report:
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