Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Austerity is not the only solution, although Labour & Tory push this agenda, read my alternative view

Why are we all being told that allowing big business to make huge profits out of privatisation of our homes and the NHS putting thousands of people onto welfare and allowing big business to offer zero hour contracts is for the good of the public? clearly we are being scammed big time by the establishment business agenda that owns our media and all our main stream political groups and yet we seem like sheep to swallow this lie and meekley keep voting in Labour or Tory MPs and local Councillors thinking foolishly they are elected to serve our interests .
The deficit is no different from a mortgage , it is not a problem as long as you can pay the money back and meet the regular payments. Our ability to pay it back has got worse under this Goverment as the ratio of deficit to GDP has lessened.
Austerity historically has never helped end a recession . Austerity is about the total distruction of the welfare state.There are alternatives; stop vilifying the poor and most vulnerable in society. Use education and social media action to lift the prospects of the most disadvantaged. time and time again , evidence shows investing in people saves greater costs later on through reducing crime ansd improving health and employment prospects as well as boosting tax revenues and reducing the welfare budget.
We spend a staggering £27 buillion on housing benefit and yet most of this money is paid by state with our cash to private landlords, and yet it can cost as little as £30.000 to build a council home on council land. a home would recover its building costs within 5 years and from then on would  produce a saving by not paying private Landlords and an income we can spend on services from the rent paid. this is the most simple way to see an area that the state is scamming us on an epic scale, and we vote these people in to carry out this nonsense, is it any wonder in South London People before Profit is the fastest growing political movement after UKIP in the UK?
Wages. are you aware that Tesco last year had a profit of almost £4 Billion, and yet poorly paid staff had to seek welfare payments from the tax payer to tune of £1,7 billion. Why? if we paid better wages we would end the need to pay welfare to low paid, they would pay more tax and spend more, it is a no brainer and yet we allow this to go on. Welfare paid to low paid is a tax payer subsidy  to big business many of which pay no uk tax, so increasing pay would see a fairer tax system and  with more tax paid whilst at a stroke ending huge amounts of welfare payments and tax avoidence. As a multi award winning business man i can asure you that i have grown my business not on cheap labour but by paying my staff a share of the business more successful we get the more they earn, this makes great business sense, improves service and motivates staff to be happy and insure the ongoing success of my business,.There are many ways this can be introduced without hitting smaller firms that cannot afford to pay a higher wage in the short term.

 No HS2 , No Trident No increase in the transport and weapons budget . spend this money on improving the infrastructure in the north and encourage companies to bring manufacturing back to uk. It seems crazy that just about everything we buy, comes from China, and yet we have the skills in the UK, we could insure all new buildings had solar  panels on the roof to bring down utility bills, we could do so much more, Housing would generate huge numbers of jobs and would bring down house prices and rents and help create a stable housing market instead of the Boom and Bust from the Labour years. reduce the inequality which has increased for more than 30 years , 13 years of which was under Labour when the rich got super rich, and the Poor super poor with  Labour failing to invest in eradication of poverty at a time of plenty.we could do this by providing companies with incentives to reduce the differential between the highest salaries and the lowest ,. and introduce a higher tax rate of 60% on those who earn more than £1.5 million a year . if this forces a few overpaid people to move abroad then so be it, we have an ever increasing number of the super rich who will always wish to come to the UK.
We should also look at regulating rents and taxing the profit people make on buying and selling homes, any one buying or selling home number 3 should be forced to pay capital gains tax it is madness that people are making huge profits buying and selling homes, pushing up prices stopping families from buying a first home whilst not taxing the profits these people make.
Public Transport and Utility companies increasingly get billions from the Tax payer plus make huge profits, lets nationalise these state jewels and bring them back into our control so money raised is used for the people not to boost the offshore accounts of international business concerns who spend such a huge amount of time and effort into boosting profits and avoiding tax.
PFI is the biggest scam of the Lot. It cost £280 million to build 2 hospitals in south London, we tax payers have so far paid back £500 million by year 30, we would have paid rent opf £2 Billion and will own nothing. worse these PFI deals are gauranteed by the Goverment for you and me, when the Hospital goes bust as it has in South London. We are at risk of Losing Lewisham Hospital to pay the debt. PFI are an abuse of state power and tax payers money, Both Labour and Conservatives opposed in Opposition but both have embraced PFI ones in Goverment as big business has a terrible grip on our political system and our hard earned cash. Stopping this racket would save billions and should be found unlawful, why has no one taken up a legal challenge on this?
Clearly we have the money, it is just both Labour and Conservatives are unable to manage a Car boot sale and as life long Career politicians what can we expect? they have no understanding and get told what to do.
Only wish the Nation and not just South London had the chance to vote People before Profit. they would save money and end these scams.
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