Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New Cross /Deptford Advice Centre; Run by People Before Profit, but open to all.Will Civil unrest greet Universal Credit?

The numbers of people seeking help, advice and support at our Community advice centre, based at the We Care Food Bank, 467 New Cross Road Deptford Se14, are staggering, just stage 1 of the Bedroom Tax and Sanctions are seeking people across the political spectrum sick with worry and stress from the mountain of paper work and a system that can just give up on you at any stage or without  logic. Today had the case of a woman, never been on welfare worked all her life but was sacked in March, she signed on, but from April was hit with bedroom tax and then sanctions, the reason, she was sacked so therefore not a fit and proper person to get welfare, what makes this case worse is that she has taken the case to tribunel and expects to win, and yet the job centre has taken the stand that she must be guilty and suspended payments until 4th September, needless to say  we are helping her and giving her food from the food bank whilst we fight her case, but with cuts, who out in the wider world can people go to for help? this woman was able to fill in forms and get help but must people would end up on the street.
September will see the start of Universal Credit and with application having to be made on line and with a 38 day wait for payment the crises in welfare are going to explode, September will also see the start of bedroom tax evictions. With Labour failing to oppose these  changes, we are almost certain to have civil unrest, you get to a point when the state is so wrong in what it is doing, abusing its power and with no mandate, the public did NOT elect a Concervative Goverment and with no Labour Party opposing the public have no choice than to take to the streets.
If you are one of Thousands of Lewisham residents in Need of support, Please drop by the advice Centre 11am-2pm Monday to saturday and book an appointment. People Before profit has a dedicated experienced team including Lawyers who work for free supporting our community 365 days a year.
Sadly We have to wait until 2014 to vote and Elect People Before Profit local Councillors and 2015 to elect the UKs first PBP MP.
Ireland was first Country in EU to elect People before Profit MPs and local Councillors, we need London to follow Irelands Lead.
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