Monday, 15 July 2013

Greenwich Council lead by Labour Party ( Greenwich Theatre ) abuse of power truly shocking and does not deserve to be running the Council in 2014

Outrage as pledge on Greenwich theatre is reversed

By Rob Virtue on July 12, 2013 11:16 AM |   
A controversial application to turn a much-loved theatre space into short-stay accommodation has been approved by Greenwich Council.
Beds and Bars, owner of St Christopher's Inn hostel and Belushi's pub, next door to Greenwich station, always denied it was planning on turning the space into rooms after it told Galleon Theatre Company it would not renew its lease last year.
However, the group soon backtracked and carried out the renovation.
After being ordered by Greenwich Council to apply for permission retrospectively to build the four dorms, and despite over 130 people writing to object at the loss of the theatre, the planning committee unanimously approved the works last week.
The row began last January, when the Galleon Theatre Company revealed it was being ejected from the space after 12 years.
A spokesman for Beds and Bars denied the company had always intended to turn it into accommodation.
"We wanted to keep it as a theatre but went to market with it and looked at the feasibility of running it ourselves and it was almost impossible to do," he said.
"So in the end we went back to what we do - short stay accommodation."
He admitted the fact they carried out the renovation without council permission was "embarrassing".
However, the saga has infuriated Galleons director Alice de Sousa.
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"Residents, people from the US, heads of universities, all wrote to the council calling for the theatre to be saved but they've been completed ignored," she said.
"We ran a very successful theatre there since 1999, paying a very large rent and bringing people through the door of the bar.
"The fact Bed and Bars did the build without planning permission gives developers the green light to go ahead regardless of planning approval. Some councils give out large fines for such behaviour, but not Greenwich."
The council report said: "Whilst the loss of the theatre is regrettable, alternative community facilities are available in the area."
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