Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Deptford Lewisham Westminster seat dragged into Falkirk investigation by Conservative letter to police

Tories call for investigation of Labour's Lewisham Deptford selection

The Unite / Labour controversy is threatening to envelop the Lewisham Deptford, following the recent selection of Unite worker Vicky Foxcroft as Labour's candidate for the safe seat in the next election. The Daily Mail reports that:

Scotland Yard was today asked to investigate fresh claims of law-breaking over union influence in the Labour party. The scandal deepened today as the Tories called on the Met Police to investigate allegations of orchestrated behaviour by Unite in Ilford North and Lewisham Deptford...

The letter [from Tory Vice-Chairman Bob Neill] also points to claims from a London Labour activist Mandy Richards that Unite is ‘bankrolling’ a number of ‘orchestrated’ campaigns. She singles out Lewisham Deptford for 'special attention'. Mr Neill says the activities, if true, could be in breach of the Fraud Act 2006 under the terms of ‘false misrepresentation’ or fraud by abuse of position.

Labour insiders had been keen to stress that problems with Unite's practices in Labour constituency parties was contained to Falkirk alone. A Labour source said: 'This is a silly political stunt.

The New Statesman reports that Labour is arguing that the Tories are wasting police time:

In neither case is there any evidence that illegal activity has taken place. Offering members free Labour membership in return for meeting Len McCluskey is not against the law and nor is "bankrolling" or "orchestrating" campaigns.

The Unite saga has already drawn blood and it's clear that we're only at the start of this news cycle, so it seems unlikely that this issue is going to go away soon.

What must people will find odd, is why did Labour Leader Ed, referred  Falkirk to the Police? clearly inside party rules and regulations are not criminal  and it is hard to see how any law has been broken, it seems Ed is running the party based on pressure from the Daily Mail, what Labour should have said, is that Labour Party is proud to stand up for the working people of this country the Labour party has no issue fighting for Cleaners, Hospital workers Fireman and Teachers, instead of the Tory option of standing up for bankers greed and big business interests, But clearly these days Labour seems to have  some shame about representing the poor and the workers at a time the very people who built the Labour Movement need it most.This is a none story, Behind the scenes New Labour MPs are keen to end the Union link and replace with party funding from the state, as more and more Unions move away from supporting Labour Such as RMT Fire Brigade Union and others saying Labour has been taken over by Career politicians with no life experience and big business interests pushing forward on the same political agenda as the Conservatives. Others such as Unite and GMB are under huge membership pressure to give funds to the ever growing number of smaller political groups fighting cuts and privatisation such as People Before Profit NHA Party Tusc etc.
Deptford is constantly claimed to be a solid Labour seat, this is increasingly not the case. People before Profit are very strong in this seat, securing more votes than UKIP , Tory and the Lib Dems with 23% of the vote in March this year Evelyn ward By Election since then the Labour Winner has been gripped by scandle reported in earlier blog postings, whilst Labour Councillors record for poor service to local residents has been well reported in the press and all local blogs.Come next years local elections most people expect People before Profit to win a large number of seats and with Lib Dems facing wipe out, People Before Profit could become the official opposition in the Council whilst the huge profile People Before Profit have already, seen most people see PBP as  the opposition , the huge number of new flats and huge rent rises is changing the entire areas population making it only a matter of time before this seat no longer is seen as safe Labour. A further twist could be the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, if the present legal action does not stop the hospital closure plans and Labour Party move into General election mode without a promise to save the Hospital, Labour could see candidates standing on the Hospital ticket in which case Labour would certainly lose this and possible all 3 Lewisham Westminster seats.
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